Beyond Good Behavior: Parenting and the Gospel of Grace

Monty Simao 2014Sermon Notes

Date: 03/15/2015

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Key Text: Luke 15

Description:  Our children are much the same way.  We tend to have the Prodigals or the Pharisees.  We tend to think of the Prodigals as hard to parent and we are always telling them the rules and the things that God requires.  While the Pharisees actually seem to get either praised or largely ignored.  After all, since they follow the rules, they require so much less…don’t they?

The truth of the matter is that our children can fall into both categories on any given day.  Sometimes our rebellious children follow the rules for a while and it seems that we are making so much progress.  And sometimes our rule-following children go through seasons of rebellion.  The categories are not hard and fast but rather designed to be descriptive.

What we fail to remember is that the Gospel is not about following the rules to get saved.  The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ obeyed the law perfectly for us.  In other words, both our rebels and our rule-followers need the same thing.  They need a Savior who has pleased God in all things and who has purchased their forgiveness by His death on the cross.

The ironic thing is that we fail to give either child the Gospel.  The Prodigal just gets scolding and punishment.  We tell them over and over what is expected…we tell them the rules.  Our Pharisees get praised for doing the right thing.

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