Finding Your Way Around

Finding what your looking for can be accomplished in a number of ways.

First off, know that we have TWO basic types of podcasts:*

* [For some Podcast 101, visit our How to Listen to our Sermons page.]

1) Our Regular (Current) Sunday Sermons:  We started podcasting in February 2010… so any sermon preached after this time would fall into this category. Clicking on the image below will immediately arrange a listing of only these sermons (with the most recently released up top).

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2) Our Classic Edition Sermons. Any sermon preached before we began podcasting (February 2010) would fall into this category. These sermons were originally recorded almost exclusively on cassette tape, and we are in the process of mining their riches by methodically converting them over to the podcast format. Check out our Tape to Podcast Updates in the right hand column to see what we are currently working on. The Classic Episodes, while not exclusively limited to, focus primarily on the preaching of past SBC pastor, James Allen. Clicking on the image below  creates a listing of only the Classic Edition sermons (with the most recently released up top).

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Other Ways to Find a Sermon:

  • Header Menu
    • The “Steeple Study” tab in the top menu is a great way to find preaching on a particular book or series, whether you click on it directly or hover over it and jump to the section of your choice. They are organized by preacher, and since the listings on are in ascending order, they are especially nice when sequentially working your way through a study. Also, you will notice that these individual listing have their own RSS feeds (Scandia Steeple Study Feed), enabling you to easily send it all to a listening device of your choice.
    • Clicking on “Sermons” will help you sift through the Currents and the Classics. Hovering over the tab will reveal the drop down:
      • Current Sermons” will quickly organize (with the most recent up top) “today’s” Sunday Sermons.
      • Clicking on “Classic Sermons” will “turn the clock back” and organize sermons of yesteryear from our Classic Episodes (most recently released up top).
  • Right Hand Column
    • Use the Category Listings (by Book of the Bible and by Preacher). Using this method is a good way to check to see what’s new from a particular preacher or a particular study, as the sermons list from most recent to oldest (ie. descending order).
    • Use the Calendar along with the Archive Menu. Note that these dates represent the actual Release Day of a particular podcast… thus this method is really only relevant for our Regular Sunday Sermons.
    • Use the Search Box. Type a keyword (or words) to help you find what you are looking for.

Still need help?  Contact us.

[click here to see our growing collection of original sermon graphics].

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