Jacob’s Ladder [Genesis 28:10-22]

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Monty Simao 2014Sermon Notes

Date: 07/30/2017

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Series: Genesis

Key Text: Genesis 28:10-22

SBC logo 204x204Description: The story of Jacob’s ladder has captured the attention of generations of people far and wide, as we hear in popular music and in church Sunday Schools across America…. yet the real meaning and significance of Jacob’s vision has largely remained unknown. Today on Scandia Bible Church Podcast, Pastor Monty Simao continues with our study in the book of Genesis and shows us that in the New Testament, Jesus, Himself, tells us that He is the promise of Jacob’s Ladder and the only gate to heaven… And the only one who makes God to dwell with man.

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SBC frame line - current sermons

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