From Exaltation to Incarnation [Hebrews 2:5-9]

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Monty Simao 2014Sermon Notes

Date: 12/13/2020

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Series: Hebrews

Key Text: Hebrews 2:5-9

Description: God created man in His image. He created him with an intent and purpose. But, was God’s intent thwarted by sin?

Today on Scandia Bible Church Podcast, Pastor Monty Simao continues with our study in the book of Hebrews and explains that some do say God’s initial intent was thwarted by sin, and yet God doesn’t throw man on the scrap pile of bad ideas.

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Rather, He sets about redeeming man and restoring mankind to His original intent… showing us that His plans are never thwarted.

…And that’s good news for rebels like us.

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