Christ Alone [John 1:1-18]

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Sermon Notes

Date: 05/22/2022

Preacher: David Teves, guest preacher

Series: Five Solas

Key Text: John 1:1-18



In Grace Alone. In Faith Alone. In Scripture Alone. In Glory to God Alone. And… In Christ Alone.

Today on the Scandia Bible Church Podcast, David Teves returns to the pulpit to continue his Five Solas Series… Five Solas which provide the answer as to how and why a sinful man can be made righteous.

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But of all the solas, it is the sola of “In Christ Alone” that ties all of the others together.

But just who is Christ? What work did He do? And how does this give us hope?

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Christ as…

  • God
  • Creator
  • Savior
  • Profit, Priest, & King

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