The Hope of the Gospel [1 Peter 1:3-5]

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Sermon Notes

Date: 02/12/2023

Preacher: Josh Peglow, pastor

Key Text: 1 Peter 1:3-5



…The sole possession of those who have trusted in Christ.

Today on Scandia Bible Church Podcast, Pastor Josh Peglow continues with our study in the book of 1 Peter in which we see the apostle begin his letter with an encouragement to praise God for the amazing salvation we have in Christ — a living hope brought about by Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

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For because of His mercy we have a reservation in heaven, guarded by God, to obtain an inheritance — an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and that (as it says in the King James) fadeth not away.

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  • ORIGIN of our Hope (3)
    • source
    • cause
    • means
  • PERMANENCE of our Hope (4)
    • preserved
    • reserved
  • REALIZATION of our Hope (5)
    • unwavering
    • unveiling

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The following are questions to help you think about Pastor Josh’s sermon, as well as offer a set of discussion questions for family worship, or gathering together in other settings. My prayer is that these questions will allow you to dwell longer, and meditate more, upon God’s holy Word and will be fodder for sanctifying conversations. — M.S.

  1. What is the relationship between the Bible’s teaching on salvation and our devotion?
  2. Do you think we can have a proper understanding of salvation that does not result in devotion?
  3. How about devotion apart from a proper understanding of salvation?
  4. Why do you think Peter would begin a letter to persecuted people by praising God for salvation?
  5. What is the source of our hope?
  6. What is the cause of our hope?
  7. What is the means of our hope?
  8. What are two ways Peter says that our hope is permanent?
  9. How might the permanence of our hope be especially helpful to reflect on in trials or persecution?
  10. If salvation is all of God, does our faith even matter?
  11. What is the significance of Peter’s statement that our salvation is “ready to be revealed in the last time”?

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