Fire Proven Faith [1 Peter 1:6-9]

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Sermon Notes

Date: 03/19/2023

Preacher: Josh Peglow, pastor

Key Text: 1 Peter 1:6-9


Rejoicing while suffering??

…How is that even possible?!

Today on Scandia Bible Church Podcast, Pastor Josh Peglow continues with our study in the book of 1 Peter and shows us how for the recipients of this letter, persecution and suffering was a daily experience.

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And yet, Peter commended them to rejoice through it all.

For it is through trails that we prove a genuine and active faith that culminates in final salvation.

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The following are questions to help you think about Pastor Josh’s sermon, as well as offer a set of discussion questions for family worship, or gathering together in other settings. My prayer is that these questions will allow you to dwell longer, and meditate more, upon God’s holy Word and will be fodder for sanctifying conversations. — M.S.

  1. Do trials in a believer’s life mean that God has forgotten them?
  2. Is a trial automatically a sign of God’s ownership of an individual?
  3. What are the two factors in verse 6 that can help us to rejoice in trials?
  4. How is our faith proven in trials?
  5. Does God use trials to see if we are really saved or not?
  6. Is our faith weaker since we cannot see Christ?
  7. How can we love God who we cannot see? What does that love look like during hardship?
  8. What is the believer’s ultimate focus in a trial?
  9. Do you think it’s natural for you to focus on yourself or outside of yourself during persecution, illness, job loss, relationship problems, etc.?
  10. As exiles in the world ourselves, how might our witness be emboldened when we suffer?
  11. What trials are you facing now? How can Peter’s message help you to rejoice in them?

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