The Wrath of God is Revealed [Romans 1:18-23]

February 19, 2023

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Monty Simao 2014Sermon Notes

Date: 02/19/2023

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Series: Romans

Key Text: Romans 1:18-23


SBC Host: Have you every questioned what happens to the poor native who never hears the gospel, never meets a Christian, or never reads the Bible?

Avg Guy: Yes! I’ve had that question for a long time. Will God judge that person??

SBC Host: You’re not alone in wondering this… Especially when we consider that there are many others who have repeatedly heard the gospel, been given the opportunity to repent, and yet continue to reject Christ.

SBC logo 204x204Today on Scandia Bible Church Podcast, Pastor Monty Simao continues with our study in the book of Romans and shows us that the Bible provides the answer to our quandary… quite clearly.

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SBC frame line - current sermons


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