The Day Jesus Wept [John 11:1-57]

July 28, 2013

Sermon Notes

Date: 07/28/2013

Preacher: Keith Barker, elder

Key Text: John 11

Description: The healing of Lazarus is a powerful story that doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. It contains insights into the nature of God and a special message hidden in the Jewish culture that is generally overlooked.

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Servants in Submission to Their Sovereign (part 6): Memorial Day Message — In Memory of a Godly Man [1 Peter 3:8-12]

May 30, 2010

Sermon Notes

Date: 05/30/2010

Preacher: Frank Acevedo, elder

Series: 1 Peter

Key Text: 1 Peter 3:8-12

Description: Jacob DeShazer of Salem Oregon took part in World War II’s legendary Doolittle Raid, endured more than three years as a Japanese prisoner of war and later teemed up with his wife to serve as a Methodist missionary in Japan for nearly thirty years.

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