Don’t Return to Egypt [Hebrews 3:7-11]

January 3, 2021

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Monty Simao 2014Sermon Notes

Date: 01/03/2021

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Series: Hebrews

Key Text: Hebrews 3:7-11; Psalm 95; Exodus 17:1-7; Num 13:32 – 14:38


The whole community was in an uproar, wailing all night long. All the People of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron. The entire community was in on it: “Why didn’t we die in Egypt? Or in this wilderness? Why has God brought us to this country to kill us? Our wives and children are about to become plunder. Why don’t we just head back to Egypt? And right now!”

Soon they were all saying it to one another: “Let’s pick a new leader; let’s head back to Egypt” (Num 14:1-4, MSG).

Why would the Israelites — in the middle of the Exodus, after having seen the Red Sea part and manna fall from heaven — want to return to Egypt?  

Why would they prefer slavery in the hands of cruel task masters, once again? 

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Today on Scandia Bible Church Podcast, Pastor Monty Simao continues with our study in the book of Hebrews and states that when it comes to the Israelites wanting to return to Egypt, a more dramatic example of foolishness would be hard to find. 

But, incredibly, there is a greater example: those who turn back from Christ.

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Christ Our Passover [1 Corinthians 5:7-8]

March 27, 2016

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Keith Barker 2014Sermon Notes

Date: 03/27/2016, Easter Sunday

Preacher: Keith Barker, elder

Key Text: 1 Corinthians 5:7-8

SBC logo 204x204Description: Most Christians don’t associate Easter with Passover. But with some study, one can see how they are beautifully interwoven into God’s perfect tapestry. The parallel of the Passover Lamb and our Lord Jesus — the perfect sacrificial Lamb of God — helps clarify in our minds the wonder of God’s plan for the salvation of believers.

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Modern Day Jeruselum

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Zeal for the House of God (part 2) [John 2:18-25]

March 4, 2012

Sermon Notes

Date: 03/04/2012

Preacher: Frank Acevedo, elder

Series:  John

Key Text: John 2:18-25

Description: The Apostle John would have us understand that Jesus cares as deeply for our relationship with the Father as He did for a building that should have been a holy place of worship.

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Zeal for the House of God (part 1) [John 2:12-17]

February 12, 2012

Sermon Notes

Date: 02/12/2012

Preacher: Frank Acevedo, elder

Series:  John

Key Text: John 2:12-17

Description: John recounts the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry when He attends the Passover at the Temple in Jerusalem. What He finds ignites His righteous anger and His zeal for the House of God is revealed in His actions.

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The Bounties of a Victorious King [Ephesians 4:7-11]

May 15, 2011

Sermon Notes

Date: 05/15/2011

Preacher: Monty Simao, elder

Series: Ephesians

Key Text: Ephesians 4:7-11

Description: Our passage this morning offers a few problem areas for the exegete, not the least of which seems to be Paul’s apparent misquote of Psalm 68.  But a careful study thru this amazing Psalm reveals how a victorious king shares the spoils of war with an underserving  people.

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